Life, as fast-paced as it is, has left us with no time! The more work piles up on our desks, the most stressed out our minds get. And before we know it, we grow old and our “good life” state kind of becomes questionable. I look at my grandmother and my mother every day, and it is tough to tell who is elder! I believe it is so because of the type of lives they lead. Since childhood, all that I have ever known about beauty has been through my grandmother. And let’s accept it. Grandmothers do care for you and identify the best when it comes to health and beauty! Not to stereotype beauty, but not many people take wrinkles in a good or positive way. And if you have the power to remove something from your life and be more confident in doing it, then there is no harm, right? This is what triggers the question, how to get rid of wrinkles?

How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles?

Through the knowledge imparted to me by my grandmother and of course the internet. And through extensive and long hours of sitting in the same place and researching. I have concluded that the following reasons are responsible for developing wrinkles:-

Causes of wrinkles

  • Stress- Shocked? Well, I think maybe not, as is mentioned before, the fast-paced life we are leading comes with its side effects. Stress makes people age faster than they are supposed to and not in accordance with how you should age over the years. And the worst part is, it shows on your skin as wrinkles. It is clinically proven that an unhappy and stress-ridden person is more prone to aging faster, and the signs include grey hair, wrinkles and other issues of the body.

Wrinkles due to Stress

  • Lack of relaxation- Stress ruins your body as it is and the little steps that one can potentially take to undo the damage of such stress is through relaxing. But due to the heavy schedules and lack of time, this rest and relaxation are also in some way or the other compromised which is provoking the aging further.


  • Lack of nutrients- Please be honest to yourself! Do you really eat healthily? And do you really provide yourself with the nutrients that you need for the well being of your body? Do you drink enough water? Do you take the necessary amount of vitamins? Well, I won’t blame you. Given the fact that it is tough to maintain a properly balanced diet in the given times. But the damage is being done to you. And that’s why it is you who needs to take action.


  • Aging- This is probably the only natural cause which is also acceptable. The one inevitable life process people have to go through which is unchangeable and somewhere down the line beautiful. Wrinkles at this age are normal, but these are not taken positively by many.


Solution for wrinkles

So, what can be done? How to get rid of wrinkles? We can’t stop our day to day life to retain our beauty, neither can we halt the same for the sake of our health. And yet again, the grandmother came to my rescues like the superhero she is and the internet helped like a high side kick. Another period of extensive research sitting at the same place, for a longer time now, I’ve again come up with a conclusive result, or rather a detailed answer. Well, little steps to go a long way! There are tiny changes that you can make in your routine will yield the excellent results that you would like to have for yourself! This note, we come to the solution part. Here are the answers to your question, How to get rid of wrinkles?

Changes in lifestyle

Let’s start with the first problem, stress, this is what damages your body and mind the most. But the anecdote lies in your attitude! Yes, if you embrace yourself and take little initiatives to be happy if you make an effort and smile a bit every day! It will show on your body as well as the mind. Not only will it cheer you up but will also exercise your facial muscles, making your face firmer! Stress is hugely brain oriented and how your mental state depends entirely on you.

  • To change the negative mood to positive, there are various motivational speakers who try to motivate you and try to change your mind. Give it a chance.
  • Go by the guidance provided by them. Let me know how it worked for you! And let others know about it when they ask you how to get rid of wrinkles and how you did it.

Up next, lack of relaxation. Well, this is a tough one! If you didn’t have time before, then it is safe to assume that it will be hard for you to have time now as well. But what can actually help you is a mental Detox! Reduce the usage of cell phones, stop procrastinating, spend more time in the shower or doing the things you love.

Like reading, gardening or perhaps baking! And make sure you tell me how it goes for you. It surely has done wonders for many!

Now, lack of nutrients.

This is not a change only to get rid of wrinkles, but to live a healthy life as well.

Well, you can start by taking tiny steps.

  • For instance, make yourself some fruit infused water, and drink it all throughout the day, try to stay hydrated! You can also munch on healthy or variations of the snacks that you usually eat.
  • Try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Lastly and finally, go out in the sun get some Vitamin D. There are various vitamin supplements also, that can replace entire vegetables. But going organic is no questions asked, the best.

And lastly, we come to our final responsible factor. Aging!

This is the one time I will ask you to embrace yourself, along with your wrinkles and be happy that you’re doing so well and having a beautiful reflection of aging! But even still, if you want to get rid of them, or at least decrease them, then I would highly recommend doing yoga and following every other thing that has been mentioned above. Yoga doesn’t only physically fits you, but it also strengthens your core and refreshes your mind.

It is one of the best ways to get rid of wrinkles naturally. Hence your body and being are rejuvenated. An hour or so of daily yoga and you are good to go.

Medical wrinkle treatments that work Fast

This was just the organic part. There are many varieties of treatments available too on how to remove wrinkles, which help in reducing or decreasing wrinkles. These treatments aren’t organic, but they more often than not work wonders for people.

The advantage that these treatments have over the natural ones is that these treatments work more instantly and give faster results. We will discuss a few of these on this forum today.

  • We start with the very important anti-aging creams. These creams permanently eradicate the signs of aging such as dark spots, fine lines, saggy skin, and wrinkles. They can do so because they are chemically structured to lift your skin up. Many active ingredients are added to these creams Such as Retinol, Biotin, Vitamin C, peptides, hydroxy acid etc. which amp up the growth and rejuvenation of the skin.
  • Many natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, grapeseed oil etc. are also added to some products. These are inherently more cost-effective and show a visible change in due time. And it is not at all harmful to the normal skin. Although it is rather advisable to know your skin type and then choose from a vast range of products from various renowned brands.
  • Botox treatment is another fast and easy option to go for if a youthful look is what you desire. Botox is the short form of Botulinum toxin. It is produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. This treatment works by restricting the primary contraction and expansion movement of the facial muscles, which as a result lowers the appearance of wrinkles. If done correctly, it is completely harmless and can give you instant results in a few sittings. Although it is expensive, but for what it promises, it is beautiful.
  • Light resurfacing is a new trend and has been loved by many. In this method, highly lit source, such as that of a diode light, removes the immediate layer of skin. That gives the brain a sign that the body has been wounded and the natural collagen repairs the skin and produces a healthy, youthful and wrinkle-free skin. The advantage of this process is it’s all natural and has no chemical influence. The treatment might trigger people who have sensitive skin, but it is, in general, an excellent and worthy money treatment.
  • Now we shall talk about one of the most straightforward methods to remove wrinkles. Dermabrasion. In this process, a vacuum suctioning device is used in collaboration with a chemical crystal that is tender on the skin. Dermabrasion removes the top layer of skin cells to bring a whole new set of skin that is more evenly textured, on to the surface. And through the process, fine lines and wrinkles seem to disappear. As is mentioned, it is a harmless process, but it isn’t permanent. Continuous sittings have to be made to maintain the beauty of the skin. If you want something that isn’t risky but does the job, then this treatment is worth investing money in.
  • And lastly, we talk about facials. Facials aren’t conventionally used to remove wrinkles, but they are more than just peace giving skin glowing massages. Specific deep tissue facial massages do wonders for the skin. They activate collagen production and firm up facial muscles. This treatment, if done gradually and consistently, will yield excellent results for the skin and will not only it decrease the rate of wrinkles, it will also make the skin look more youthful radiant and energetic.

Natural treatment for wrinkles

We have so far discussed the lifestyle changes and medical treatments that can help us achieve our goal of attaining wrinkle-free skin. But now we talk about the easy to do home remedies and simple products that go a long way to help you with the cause. These products are readily available at home and are inherently natural ingredients and methods. These show excellent signs of development in the more extended run and work gradually on the face.

  • Natural oils- First we get to natural oils. Oils like that of coconut, castor, olive and tea tree etc. work wonders for the skin. These oils are enriched with vitamins and antioxidants that heal the skin and prevents aging. These oils are great for detoxification of the skin as well. On top of that, fatty acids present in these oils maintain the moisture of the skin and thus gives it a youthful look. Applying any of these oils or a combination of these oils overnight would work like magic.
  • Superfoods- Foods like berries, Nuts, and citrus fruits like tomatoes, lime, lemon etc promotes eradication of wrinkles like no other. These foods detox your body from the inside and trigger the well functioning of your hormones which results in an overall healthy body and an even more youthful skin.
  • Natural products to apply on the face- There are many natural ingredients that one can apply on the face directly for the effects if consuming them is an issue. Fruits and other parts of various plants such as banana, aloe, cucumber etc. can be of impeccable service. For instance, mash a banana with two spoonfuls of curd and a little dash of honey, apply that to your face. Or rub aloe gel on the face and wash off. The simplest is putting cold cucumber pieces all over the face and letting it be there for 10 minutes. These fruits and plants detoxify skin and promote healthy functioning of the rejuvenation process. The benefits are unbelievable but the availability is.

Well, this is all. This is all the knowledge I have, and I’ve let you know all that I know about wrinkles and how to get rid of wrinkles. I sincerely hope with all my heart that this comes of help to you and you get the youthful and beautiful face you desire. For all that it matters, beauty is far more than what can ever meet the eye! And the Beauty you hold will be shown through the kind of person you are and the work that you do. Therefore focus your development as a person, your growth of mind and evidently on your health. The moment you do all these things and love yourself for who you are and accept your being. You will surely make progress, and the benefits will come to you!